Friday, July 18, 2014

Draw for Me, My Angel of Drawings

I'm sometimes asked how I find this stuff. Well, about 90% of the time, it finds me. I spend a fair chunk of my day on the internet (working, researching, sometimes just wasting my life in new and inventive ways) and I encounter a tremendous amount of "WTF?!"

Like these...

Now, this first one tries to be subtle - yet clear:

Well, now I don't even have to look it up!

A call girl is someone who has a cell phone handy, right?


Then there's a casting post seeking actresses.  Now, I have breasts that are a B/C-cup. (#TheMoreYouKnow). And I have never felt shortchanged. Until today.

In the following screenshot, I was just trying to save an article to the social bookmarking site Delicious.

Delicious tried to autocomplete the tag. I'd say they did quite well!


Finally, there's this artist on Fiverr.

She describes her drawing as follows: "illustration of coverage and invasion tv, book, radio, internet, bus,metro,banners sexuality at the current moment."

I wasn't sure what that meant. But then I looked at her work. And I sensed a theme.

It really is the perfect Sunday when I get to watch several different porn videos on my slew of television sets, while lying on the astroturf in my apartment.

Ah, perfect! The next time I need an illustration of a small child watching an explicit gay sex scene, I'll know who to contact!


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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Play About The Worst of Humanity. Warning: Bright Stagelights

A variety of craziness I recently encountered on the net:

I think I prefer her texting too. The alternatives are clearly not her specialty.


Well, I'm glad she's open to criticism.


While reading a book online, the following passage disappointed me:

(From "The Audience and The Solo Actor" by Greg Mbajiorgu)
Damn it! I was hoping to present my new interactive piece, "Guantanamo: The Musical!" where the audience becomes my detainees.

I'll start by charging $30 a ticket for the 35 minute piece and then quickly move on to the genital electroshock.

When I think about it, some physical torture would really take the "Fuck you!" that some open mike comics do at the end of their set to a whole new level.
 "Oh, you didn't laugh at the jokes I wrote while stoned? Then garden-hose enema it is."

I enjoyed the entirety of this solo show description:

I'm fascinated by the creature who would be OK with all of this - just not the nudity.
"Sex encounters by webcamera? Fine! Insane meth activities? Perfect. A play where I can revisit the crimes of one of our most heinous serial killers? Stellar. But no naked people!!!"

I should also mention that when I think "good theatre", my first thought is, "aquarium maintenance".

* * *

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Linkedin - or AllTheWayin

More internet oddities:

I don't want to think about that at all. Taken literally, the concept sounds pretty vile.

I can see it now:
"So, do you want to meet for coffee to discuss the job in sales." 
 "No, sorry, you're not my type."

There ought to be a Tinder+Kickstarter combo. It's like Hot or Not - but the hot creators get funding!

On another topic, I found the following comment on a forum about documentary filmmaking:

It reads: "I saw a show on TV about Timothy Treadwell who shot the bear footage. I didn't think his idea of living with bears was a good one."

I like the "I didn't think" part. As though it's up for debate.

In Montreal, where I grew up, some guys would add as many personal qualifiers as possible to statements. To an absurd degree. And, generally, because they were saying something super sexist/racist/homophobic and wanted to have the out of: "Hey, that's just my opinion. I have the right to my (horribly offensive) opinion."

So that's how I hear this.
"Me, myself, personally, I didn't think that his idea of living with bears was a good one. It has nothing to do with the bears or the fact, that they are dangerous or that they ended up killing him. In my opinion. But, me, myself, personally, when I think about living with bears and being ripped apart by them, I feel myself that it is not a positive thing and that it is overall easily avoidable, so it's best not to do it. But that's just what I think."

- - -

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Key Tip: Alienate the 3 People Who Like You!

Some more fun from the interwebs:

1 Sign You're Way More Pathetic Than You Thought:
  1. You just got encouraged by a LinkedIn article recommendation. 
"And I'm so happy to win this Oscar! I'd like to thank that random text generator.
Without it, I would still be sitting on the floor crying and marinating in my own excrement."


This is something from a very strange article about pursuing your goals. Oh, and stalking.

Well... In fairness, the second one would make me paranoid.

It reminds me of my Father-in-Law telling us about his youth and how he would scare the local kids:
"I used to yell: 'Boo!'
Yeah, there's a fair bit of difference there.


Here's a part of a request looking for guests for a podcast. 

OMG! Did you seriously just give away the holy grail of podcasting secrets?! For free?! 

That's the key way to attract and keep listeners.

"Hey, have you heard episode 2 of that gospel podcast?"

"I HAVE! All 542 times!" 


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Well, This is Pretty Much How It Goes Down Every Day. We're Exhausted.

Some dark fun from the news...

This article is either poorly written or badly translated but that actually makes it way better... 

They were engorged with grief, I guess.


The news often makes some profound observations.

I'm glad they pointed that out.


Emotions are so fleeting...

I think it was the "clap along" directive.

Pharrell's new version goes:

♪ Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do
But I'd advise against iiiiiiiiiiiiiit. ♫


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