Are You Still Reading This?

Well Shelly we will definitely not be going to my dad’s house for Christmas again! You know he got remarried eight months ago, and Susan has seemed great, but we found out she’s all about family porn scandals. Well he wanted us to come bring the kids and spend Christmas night with them. We loaded up and went over, and that evening the kids sat under the tree and opened their gifts from my parents. We stayed up late talking, the kids were playing, and as soon as midnight came Susan got up and started taking the decoratins down and un-trimming the tree, saying, “Ok, Christmas is OVER, thank God!”, completely dead serious!

When I was babysitting one night, I made the kids a snack and I put them to bed. When I was cleaning up, I noticed a broken picture frame in the trash. I went to the kids’ room and asked what happened. They all said they didn’t know. I was panicked. When their parents came home, I had to break the news of what happened, in fear of being fired. The kids’ mother told me that she had broken the picture frame earlier that day. I felt pretty silly for being in the club of busted babysitters.

How You Can Benefit From My New Blogging Endeavor

My Modest Entrance

My friends and family have always accused me of having good information that should be shared, but I keep it to myself. I have always thought it natural to wait until I am asked before I share information – You know, like Google, but I have since been convinced that blogging is the way to go so here we are, I have set up a blog where I will share what I have been told is valuable and interesting information which initially was reserved for friends and family who cared to ask my opinion on certain things and later came to the conclusion I might be related to the Wizard of Oz. I suggest, even if you do not have a question that is puzzling you, you keep on reading this blog just so you can let me know if my friends and family are right about me.

Forget Google, Read My Blog

Like I said before, some of my friends have on the rare occasion compared me to the all-knowing Wizard of Oz but I would prefer the comparison to Google, given that I do not believe in magic and wizardry.

That said, on this blog I will provide my opinion on how to go about the different situations you may find yourself in. Sometimes you need a solution or answer and you Google it and get a number of results but you cannot focus on all 23,467,967 results that come up. So it should be much easier to just come to my blog and read an article about it. For example, if you are looking for a job and would like tips on how to land that job, you just might find an entire article covering that topic, on this blog, or you could suggest that I write such an article and I will happily oblige.

This is a place where you can find an article about anything and everything and what you do not find, you can ask to be written about. Unlike Google, I like to hear what people have to say about different things so feel free to come and interact not just with me but with whomever else has an opinion on one thing or another. I believe blogging is not just about the blogger but the people who read the blog, so this is my invitation to you to come and be a part of all that will be happening here.

Riding out of the Sunrise

This will be the beginning of a whole new relationship for all of us. I suggest you like this blog on Facebook and follow on twitter so that you can get updates whenever a new blog post has just been posted. A number of these posts will be “How to” articles, after all that is what most people have trouble with. I will consider having guest writers so that it is not all about me. You know even Google does give us links to Wikipedia and Yahoo. I hope this relationship will enrich your life in one way or another.

Joining the Blogosphere Has Truly Helped Me

Being New to Blogging

I really did not know what to expect when I set up my first personal blog. I was familiar with the format of blogs and I had subscribed to a few of them, but it was not until I started one of my own that I began to understand how beneficial blogging can be.

Discovering the Benefits of Blogging

Setting up a blog is not difficult. Anyone can join a blogging platform and get started. I write my own blog content because I have always enjoyed writing as a way of expressing my personal feelings and thoughts. Before blogging, I was just sharing some thoughts with a few friends and followers in social media.

What I did not realize before I started was that the blogosphere is a great community made up of millions of people, all over the world, with blogs where they post their own photos, videos, articles and other types of content.

I discovered that as soon as I started blogging I automatically became part of the blogosphere, which means that other people with blogs similar to mine are finding and viewing my blog posts, often adding helpful comments at the end.

Of course I was hoping that my blog content would be found by people using search engines, and I know all about sharing blog posts in Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. What I did not expect was the interest my blog would get from people with similar blogs.

The advantage of being part of a blogging community is that is easy to find blogs to visit and new posts to view. The more blogs I visit, the more visits I get back from others who share my interests. If I comment on their blogs, they are more likely to visit mine and comment on my posts.

It is really rewarding to have people visit my blog and leave their comments. I enjoy visiting other blogs and sharing my thoughts about what they post. This is also a good way to come up with new topics to write about on my own blog.

Some blogs I have visited focus on one specific niche topic and others have more variety of topics. I have also discovered some great blogs where people regularly post their own photos, artwork, videos or infographics.

When I find a blog which has something in common with mine, I contact the person it belongs to and ask if I can feature a link to it on my blogroll and if they would like to do the same and feature a link to mine. This is a good way to bring my blog to the attention of more people who will be interested in the content.

When someone requests me to include a link to their blog, I visit it and consider whether or not it is something my own readers would be interested in.

I’ve also learned that some blogs invite other bloggers to write guest posts. This means someone else with a blog on the same topic can submit an article that will end with a link back to their own blog.

I really have gained a lot of support and guidance from within the blogosphere. I’m learning about the value of using search engine optimization (SEO) in blogging, which makes it easier to get each individual blog post into the right search results. I now use tags for every post I write and I choose suitable phrases known as “keywords” to help search engines identify what the post is about.

How Blogging is Truly Helpful

I am thrilled to be part of the blogosphere because I love being able to write freely about my own experiences. With my own blog I can post as much as I want on any subject I feel like writing about.

I’ve discovered that blogging is really an interactive activity. It’s helpful to visit as many blogs as possible, because that way I get new ideas and make useful contacts. I can get a lot more visitors to my own blog by getting my link placed on a few busy blogs that cover the same sort of issues I write about.


Bloggers Who Inspire

There is something about seeing somebody else achieve their dreams that convinces the rest of us that our own dream may also be attainable. Meeting famous chefs or seeing your first African American ballerina can be pivotal moments in the life of an aspiring young person. The same is true for bloggers. Whether you are a fashion blogger or a travel blogger, whether your site in monetized or purely a hobby, seeing your first successful blog probably got your creative juices flowing and convinced you that, just maybe, you had something to offer the blogger-verse as well. Below is a list of the 10 blogs that inspired me to start my personal blog. Although they vary by genre, one thing they all have in common is a commitment to excellence in whatever it is that they offer.


SEOmoz helped me to figure out what SEO was before it was cool to think about those kinds of things. The site is monetized and links to a lot of really great products. What I love is the focus on one thing; SEO and how to do it right.


This is a blog I still read religiously. As a person who often must craft compelling copy, the tips and insights I get from this site are invaluable. I chose this site to add to the list because it is a prime example of creating VALUABLE content for your readers.


Don’t know much about blogging? Neither did I. Problogger makes learning how to blog for success. It’s not a pretty site, but it is clean and straight forward with a wealth of resources. It has a nice mix of paid and free content.


I had to include this amazing fashion and lifestyle blog from London-based fashionista Dina Tokio. Her fashion and her willingness to take on controversial issues with her no-nonsense humor make this one of my favorite stops on the web. Rather than trying to emulate slick fashion blogs, this blog lets all of the “seams” show and brings high fashion down to street level. The lesson I learned from following this style blog? Be yourself.


This is a lifestyle blog by an infectious plus-sized fashionista. The layout reflects the personality of the woman who writes it. She is unapologetically Aubrey Zaruba, plus sized, Mormon, diet soda addict.


Blogging from Dubai, Carla helps us to discover her city through adorable featurettes, scrapbook style posts, and constant shutter bugging. This is the expat’s guide to living in Dubai. If you are a Gypsy at heart, then blogs by expats are a resource you would be remiss to ignore.


Aquila style is another fashion and lifestyle blog, but it doesn’t stop there. Touching on every subject from racism to gun violence, the collaborative team behind this smart, urban blog bring their A game with every post. Many of the contributors have personal blogs that you can follow as well. I like the communal vibe from all of the collaborators, proving that you don’t have to blog alone.


This blog is a work of love and passion. It drips and oozes through all of the pages and every post. You can tell that Tiny Buddha founder, Lori Deschene, really digs deep to cultivate a site dedicated to healing the mind, body, and soul. Tiny Buddha taught me what passion in blogging really looks like.


Lifehack is exactly what it sounds like. It is a blog about personal development. It has thousands of articles on how to do everything in your life a little bit better. I love the way that they integrate multiple subjects into a single theme. How to … better.


The hilarious Simon and Martina are household names to any non-Korean Kpop or Kdrama fans. The couple came to Korea 7 years ago as teachers and started blogging as a way to keep in touch with friends and family back home. One thing lead to another and BAM, they are now a full-time operation with staff and a studio for filming. Their blog and YouTube channels are a treasure trove of topical, timely and fun posts about life in Korea as expats. They also managed to garner enough clout with the international audience to be able to do celebrity interviews and get invited to really cool events, like the first ever YouTube Awards. Seeing how this blog has developed over the years inspires me to imagine all the things my own blog could one day become.

I hope you enjoy these blogs. Some of them are deeply personal and others have been built into successful businesses. Regardless of the end-point, they all began as a personal blog. they all fought to find their voice and build their audience. They all were just like you and I.