Friday, November 2, 2007

Casanova, You've Got Competition...

The other night some friends and I were discussing bad pickup techniques. Here are two I've gotten. They come to mind quickly, for obvious reasons:

1) Guy I met at a party: "You look Jewish. You should come over to my place. I have alot of books." (Oh! So there!)

2) I was at an internet cafe. I spoke with the owner for a bit and he introduced me to one of the regulars, a guy in his forties (read: he should have better game). The guy said a quick "hi." and then nothing else. Just sort of lurked around during our conversation. I went over to work on one of the terminals and he did the same at one on the other side of the cafe. About 45 minutes later the guy comes by, throws a note on my table and runs out. OK... The note was in all caps and read basically "I DONT DO THIS OFTEN OR ANYTHING BUTMAYBE WE COULD GOOUT TO DINNER SOMETIME". The note ended with: "I DONT TAKE REJECTION TOO WELL!" (Wow - how romantic!)