Monday, December 24, 2007

English Made Creepy

[Update: If above doesn't work - please go here for vid]

Let's look at this Japanese video, shall we?

If they weren't in the same frame together, I would be convinced that the English doctor had been spliced in, perhaps taken from another film (my guess would have been porn).

OK, so the video starts out being somewhat educational. When learning German, we were initially taught phrases about going to the market. Somewhat useless ones such as "These grapes are too expensive." (Insulting people in a country you are visiting is key to good relations.) Well, I guess if I you were traveling from any country to a developed English-speaking nation, the first thing you would be concerned about would be diarrhea, right...?

Excellent - moving on... So the word, "diarrhea" - hey, it's complicated. We all know things are easier to recall when set to music. Well it stands to reason then that incorporating aerobics into the lesson plan would make it that much better.

Wow. Honestly, it doesn't take much more than the word "diarrhea" to send me into a fit of laughter. The rest is just icing.