Monday, October 20, 2008

Is Bugsy Siegel Running?

Here are some things that have baffled me this past weekend:

  1. My mother told me she voted Conservative. OK, that's painful to me all on its own - but here's her reasoning: she was impressed that she got money back from the government this year (the $100 Climate Action cheque)... I was stunned. Chris said slowly,"Uh, that was the Liberal Government." (Note to non-Canadians: the provincial government is Liberal and it was responsible for giving us back our own money.)

    The fact that I am surprised by how my mother voted, only proves my naivety: she is the same person who has frequently gone to the polls without knowing how to vote and then based her pick on the "most Jewish-sounding name". How can this go wrong...?!!

    When I recounted this to a friend he had a flashback to his ex-girlfriend who would go see a film only if there were Jews involved in the production. Fucked - but at least he wouldn't be lacking in cinematic options.

    As a tribute to this kind of moronic show of solidarity, from now on when any decision has to be made, I'll be deciding things based on names that sound African to me. African countries seem to have bad stuff going on and junk - and I want to be supportive. Plus, Djimon Hounsou and Chewetel Ejiofor are hot.

  2. "Other Objects"... I wrapped up my printer ink for the HP recycling program and I noticed the following note on the mailing label:

    "Also, printing supplies which are not at end of life or other objects that may have value are sometimes inadvertently sent to the HP Planet Partners program. These materials are not tracked and cannot be returned."

    "Other Objects"? What means this? What has HP received?! I am dying to know... Any guesses? Food stamps? Brassiers? What...?

  3. Kids These Days Have it Bad. At my local health food store, I noticed the following - a homeopathic remedy for menstrual pain.

    OK... but I turned it around to read more. Sadly, because I own an ancient phone, I was unable to capture a clear pic of the reverse side. Trust me when I tell you it had dosages for "Women", "Children" and "Infants"...

    Now I know why I was such a cranky toddler...