Monday, September 17, 2012

Pervy Listening

You like perverted things, I like perverted things.  It's why we get along so swimmingly!

This entertaining episode of "The S&M Rants" deals with two special perverts...

Episode 63 - Naked Out of Consideration or Cross-Dressing to Molest  

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Episode Description

Figuring out how to truly enact your fetish isn't easy. It requires plausible excuses, excellent planning and a whole lot of whacked-outness. Well, these FTs got one out of the three right...

We have a man who hung out in a neighbor's house naked - and a dude who dresses like an old lady to do some groping. Sometimes pervyness and desperation are all the things you've got and just when you think you're all by yourself, you're not.

 We're grateful to have Comedian Graham Kay to decide on this week's "FT of the week"!

 Plus: Zombie ranty casting notices... More details here


Update (2013): My podcast is: "Dazed and Convicted" and can be heard at or on Soundcloud