Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lady with Special Place Chooses Man Over Fish

Hey, remember that porn site I look at all the time?

Yeah, well, I stopped doing that.


Here are some more porn clips. As described by the users who uploaded them:

Buddy, if that's even remotely a conflict for you... donate your cock.

Mick's just that kind of guy.

Pussy smash! Is that a new dance craze?  Is it a way to prepare potatoes?

Fuck, I feel old.

Wow, what a supremely awful premise for a porno...

Would you really be able to get it up knowing you were soon to face the electric chair?

And even if you could, that's like fantasizing about your last meal - when you're a free person....
The fantasy is completely negated by the fact that you have it way better in real life...

I next expect to see "Man Gets to Bang Two Chicks Right Before Pit Bull Gnaws Off His Nuts".

What....? What does she get?!

Do I have to do all the detective work here?!


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