Monday, February 18, 2013

The Sex Was Dull - But The Sunset, Oh Baby!

Why not continue with the user-porn-naming theme while I'm masturb--- uh, at it...

Here are some more porn clips as so clearly described by the site's users...

I know how to cook.  But thanks.

Hey, you've got to practice those new skills!

I guess when I decode the riddle I'm allowed to get off?

Is it a card trick?!! Oh please let it be a card trick!

Lackluster Polite Gay Sex.  Who else is all horned-up now?!

Then it hardly seems worth it.

Unenthused about masturbating to this. But then I noticed that Ocean View!


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C'mon, you know you want it...
OK, look, it doesn't matter what
you want.  This isn't about you.

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