Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You Might Enjoy The Following Articles About Eye-Gouging"

 Here is a suggestion Facebook made for me with regard to the Dazed and Convicted page.

Now I did  post that article on the page (and talked about it on this episode).  But I have a strange feeling that it might not endear random people to my podcast.

Obviously, some feel differently. Often when you read articles on newsites you'll see suggestions of other similar articles.

Naturally, my response to this was, "Fuck yah!"  But some sites phrase their recommendations in a.. somewhat off-putting manner.

Enjoy non-consensual anal-sex articles! Of course you do! Now get on our list and wait for the sirens!


Similarly, I've captured a comment by someone who sincerely likes the creepers in the news stories.  He/She left this on an article about a man who chased a woman and her 4-year old girl into a convenience store and dropped his pants while screaming at them.  When the convenience story employees intervened, the man claimed the 4-year old was enticing him with her sexually provocative clothing (I'm imagining a spandex top and a strap-on here, and I don't want to.)

Sound like a smoldering gentlemen to you? Well...



But few things are more enjoyable than the randomness of the ads that a placed alongside articles.

I'm going to take a wild guess...

- - - 

Give the podcast a listen.  It's gotten pretty darn good. And we've made "iTunes" New & Noteworthy list a few times, if that means anything to you.  What's it about? Well, it's like this blog: it's got me and my sense of humor.  And it's a dark humor podcast about crime.  We rant about a few news articles, make sketches about them, and have a comedian on to evaluate and decide on "The Fucktard of The Week".

How about a review from a fellow listener (who is, I promise, not related to me:)

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