Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When Pigs Fly! Or give Mediumship Readings.

It's time to explore some exciting Fiverr offers once again!

1) Have a relative who's a serial killer AND want a drawing of him?

I got just the fella.

2) Ever thought, "Hey, I get the feeling that a pig puppet might just stalk me"?
You will now.
(Just click here and play the video.)

Get a creepy pig to talk to in a way that will make your skin crawl OR get a mediumship reading. Either way you're fucked.

3) Have a relationship concern that can only be solved by a drooling, terrifying puppet?! Today's your lucky day!

I have to guess that "enlisting a puppet to help your relationship" falls somewhere before "burying her body".  Possibly, after. 

- - -

What's a better motive for killing? That you need to slaughter a Taurus or your victim just   purchased corn chips? This time Pat Dixon of The New York City Crime Report provides his expert insight and judgement! Don't miss this fun episode (chosen for "Splitsider's This Week in Comedy Podcasts"!

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