Monday, July 22, 2013

Gal can't even stay in and write post but post gets written by bum

Firstly, people go on and on about how Twitter adds no value and nothing useful can be said in 140 characters. But check out these words of wisdom!

Sing it, Sista! 

Secondly, you might know how much I love Craigslist...  The ads can be absurd or creepy or both at the same time. But sometimes  it's not so much the content of the Craigslist ad that's amusing - but the phrasing.

Exhibit Bro:

(Can't hear any sound? See below*)

If you're on the Vine app, you can find all the videos in the series on: 
Enjoy the rapid-fire displays of Craigslist weirdness.

- - -

My mom "endorses" my podcast at the beginning of Episode 102 (Right at the start!) And we evaluate 2 scammy Fucktards -
including one guy who tried to use his pubes to scam! With Guest Judge +Rob Fee !    "Dazed and Convicted", a dark comedy podcast.

Twitter: @dazedconvicted @monicahamburg


(*If you can't hear the sound, just scroll over the video and there should appear - in the upper left hand-side of the video - a volume button that you can just click to make sound happen. :)