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Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't EVER Except for Those Sometimes. Remember!

This a sign Chris saw in an apartment building:

Knock Loud

Let's zoom in here and look at the note on the right side:


OK, so not too bad... Clearly the guy(?) doesn't understand the difference between plural and possessive, is a bit capital-happy and isn't very discriminating when it comes to underlining - but hey, that happens (in fact, I think these techniques figure prominently in Building Superintendent 101).

So let's move on to the other other note:


Is this a riddle? A "Confucius Say?"  I mean the whole rant is about not coming to the door for smokes or tobacco or else he's going to do something about it (or "up about") but then it concludes with: two people can ask.  Well, wouldn't those two people already know it was OK?! It's not as if, if they're his friends or siblings and they pass by the door they'll be like, "Fuck, we used to be able to ask for smokes but obviously no longer".

Also, this sign has resulted because, clearly, this request has been made numerous times.  Which leads me to ask, WTF?! Who asks their super for smokes or tobacco? I mean this is an apartment in East Van, not a prison.